KSC Story

ASIA KSC has been providing top class products and services as a major supplier in the Safety and Health industry since the establishment in 1995 in New Zealand.

Our primary focus is on building customer satisfaction and loyalty, and on the pursuit of technological advancements and innovative business strategies to provide perfect solutions for the customers' needs.

One of leading producer for high quality and innovative of fire fighting trucks and resuce / emergency vehicles and fire fighting relating equipment and special purpose vehicle and innovative environmental solution for customer's satisfaction.

Based in South Korea with a state of the art manufacturing plant in Chungbuk. Orchang, products are high quality, purpose built manufacturing solutions to address a wide range of operational requirements of built 

to fire fighting truck and specialty vehicles as well as quality and unique multi-purpose of specific user's specification enable manufacturing solution to be tailored for different applications according to customer requirements. 

We are pleasure to provide of technology and manufacturing for the safe, reliable, innovative and cost-efficient of environmental solution and fire fighting truck and specialty vehicles for military,police,governmental and commercial customers worldwide. 

As well offers a wide range of service solutions to fully support the customers.

We operate under customer centered management to ensure the delivery of high quality services not only for the purpose of economic prosperity but also for the growth and progress as leaders in the industry based on vision, integrity and passion.

At ASIA KSC, we aim to share joy and creativity with our customers in a long journey of relationship based on quality and trust.

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